Major Supplies

1. Prescription drugs (also bring the generic names for these drugs), Toiletries, Sunscreen (rated SPF 15 or higher) Sunglasses, Insect repellant, Flashlight, Batteries (for electronic equipment)

2. Gifts for children or a school if you like (pens or pencils, t-shirts, baseball caps)

3. Binoculars (very important)

4. Favorite road snacks Key Documents and Cash

5. Passports (with visa entries)

6. Health cards (vaccination certificate)

7. Credit cards (VISA and/or American Express), traveler’s checks & some US

8. Cash

Other Equipment Video Camera if you have one A 35mm Camera with interchangeable lenses is recommended. Bring a long lens (an 80mm-200mm zoom lens is fine) for wildlife photography. A 35mm-70mm zoom is also nice to have.Bring camera and lens cleaning equipment for the dust (a blower brush and a soft chamois cloth work well).

"(an 80mm-200mm zoom lens is fine)"